Uh Oh! Gotto Go! - Potty Tales from Toddlers

Uh Oh! Gotto Go! - Potty Tales from Toddlers
Uh Oh! Gotto Go! - Potty Tales from Toddlers
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The twenty-seven humorous vignettes in Uh Oh! Gotto Go! - Potty Tales from Toddlers (potty training book) are cleverly captioned illustrations designed to help parents and kids cope with the challenges of toilet training.

Toddlers will laugh when they see Mark picking out a potty at the toy store, and back at home, Toby didn't quite make it to the potty this time. He'll have better luck next time.

Jordon waits till the last minute too, but, hooray we see him in the bathroom, and we know he made it on time! Alison is proud because she uses a grown-up toilet, and Amanda reads a picture book when she sits on her potty!

Neither parents nor children need to take potty training too seriously, because sooner or later, everything works out just fine.

That's the message at the heart of Bob McGrath's cheerful book - and boys and girls will enjoy seeing their own potty experiences repeated on these pages.

Uh Oh! Gotto Go! - Potty Tales from Toddlers Details:

  • Reading level: Baby-Preschool
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Barron's Educational Series (July 1, 1996)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0812065646
  • ISBN-13: 978-0812065640

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Product Specifications

Color Yellow , Black
Product Type Books
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Kids
Book Purpose Potty Training Book
Publisher Barron
Potty Training Book Type Entertainment PT Book
Language English

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Potty training with lots of help (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Lisa Nothnagel My son aged 2 just recently started showing signs of wanting to start the process of toilet training. Seeing that this is my second little one and I've been through potty training once before -- I was eager for him to start so I got out the big boy underpants and the potty seat right away! Well that approach lasted a whole half day with many messes on the floor (I thanked my husband that day for installing hard wood flooring). So I had to rethink -- should I try it this way or that way (I am only a parent and no two parents will have the same potty experiences so I don't think I should put my views about this subject on to you, everyone has to do the potty thing there own way). Then along came this book 'Uh oh! Gotta Go! Potty tales from toddlers'. My son got a real kick out of this book. He was happy to see that everyone makes mistakes and everyone does it their own way. We read the book a few times and then I asked him if he was ready to try again he said "No". I then had a great idea 'why don't we read the book while you're on the potty' this seemed to work as he sat on the potty for longer then a second. We have yet to get a pee pee in the potty but at least he'll try now. I also like this book; it has all the different ways to help out any toddler who's ready to toilet train. These are just a few of the helpful/humorous hints your toddler will enjoy, some like to flush, some like to listen for the splash; some use the grown-up toilet and some use diapers at night.