Gerber Training Pants - WHITE by Gerber

Gerber Training Pants - WHITE
Gerber Training Pants - WHITE Gerber Training Pants - WHITE
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Underwear Size See Size Chart: 18M 2T 3T
Need more protection?

Gerber Training Pants are white making it a great gender neutral white underwear! These 100% cotton training pants come in a 3 pack and are great for toddlers of either gender.

The exact same Gerber Training Pants for Girls and Gerber Training Pants for Boys, except in the color white.

NOT as much fun for your child, BUT perfect for you if you have boys and girls that have to be potty trained!!

Features of the Gerber Training Pants include

  • breathable side panels
  • wide rib leg bands for a comfortable fit
  • interlining for absorbency

Center Panel:
100% Cotton Side Panel: (White)
100% Cotton (Print) 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
Interlining: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

EasyCare: Machine wash warm with like colors. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry medium. Cool iron if necessary.

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Pattern Solid , Floral / Flowers , Themed
Brand Gerber
Product Type Training Pants
Product Gender Male , Female , Unisex
Theme Cars , Floral / Flowers , Transportation
Product Audience Kids
Material Cotton
Training Pants Features Cloth (Washable / Reusable) , Padded / Absorbent , Pull On / Pull Off
Training Pants - Absorbency Rating Low
Apparel Size Multiple Sizes Available
Theme Elements Floral / Flowers

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not the greatest (Feb 16, 2009) Reviewer: andrea these training pants leak easily, don't hold much more than regular panties.
Works! (Feb 05, 2012) Reviewer: Chad Duppstadt Great for potty trainees on the go.
Panties for my 3 year old (Mar 18, 2012) Reviewer: Rhonda Roper My daughter loved these. They are comfortable - fit just right and very cute.
Great Training Pants! (Aug 22, 2011) Reviewer: Sue My daughter's daycare does not allow pull ups. Since my daughter is not interested in potty training, I needed something to catch all of the accidents. These work great! Absorbs great, highly recommend them.
Still wearing these in the second grade!! (Jan 05, 2010) Reviewer: Kernball My 8-year-old, 45-lb. son loves these so much, we wish they made them in larger sizes. They are so comfortable, they have taken us through some tough times (does encopresis mean anything to you?) and have been washed about a thousand times. They are not too thick like a diaper which adds to their comfort. He will only wear white, pictures are "uncool" to him. I just wish they made them in bigger kid sizes! --Kernball
Awesome!!! (Aug 17, 2009) Reviewer: Tisha These portable urinals are hands down, the best! I use them for my 3 year old son, who seems to always need to tinkle, when we are at the park, restaurant, amusement parker, etc. Public restrooms disgust me so instead, I find a nice corner or something to stand behind, whip the urinal from my purse, and let my son handle his busy! They are very convenient and so easy to use and carry...we keep them on deck! I absolutely love them and I'm sure you will, too!
Still trying... (Nov 18, 2014) Reviewer: C Herath, mema Pants hold a LOT of fluid, but my grandson is so active and unfortunately, uncooperative he still needs plastic pants. His mother, however, does not like the maintenance and he still wets his pants, which I was hoping the cloth would incentivize him to stop. Very stubborn, just like his mother. So, we will save them for later training. Think they are well made, worth the price. Would buy them again.
Great alternative to underwear (Oct 03, 2011) Reviewer: Malina I bought a set of regular underwear for my son with his favorite character on it and although I got a size bigger than recommended, (they weren't too tight) the elastic was too cumbersome for my son to get a hold of. The Gerber training pants are a wonderful alternative to regular underwear. Not only are they a bit padded (to contain very small leaks) but they are easy for my son to pull on and off - which is fundamental for potty training. Since my son has been using the Gerber training pants it has been a cinch for him to make it in time to use the potty.
great! (Aug 25, 2011) Reviewer: Kelly We have been working on potty training our 2 yr old daughter for a while and finally just decided to take away diapers all together. We used these underwear and she still has a few accidents here and here but at least they absorb some so it doesn't make a mess everywhere. She is pretty much completely potty trained in just a few days!
Potty Training necessity (Apr 29, 2011) Reviewer: Mama Disposable diapers never let my daughter feel the wetness to help her potty train. Panties were thin and it went right through them and down her legs, not very wet or uncomfortable. These caught and held the wetness, and for the first time she felt uncomfortable and wet. After one time being wet in these she was working hard not to get wet again because she hated that feeling, and immediately went to no accidents in her panties. Studies suggest that the reason some older kids have trouble potty training is because they don't feel that wetness and learn to associate it with peeing and that they need it, it's a bad result from disposable diapers. These work SO much better than putting them right into panties.
Gerber Training Pants (Nov 15, 2010) Reviewer: Caleb's mom Dawn These pants are perfect. My son loves to wear them.
Great seller!! (Sep 23, 2013) Reviewer: Katie Fast shipping time, great product, wonderful purchase!!