Potty Training Methods

So your son or daughter is ready to start potty training or you would like to get them started with it. This is common for most parents and there comes a time when we naturally realize that our child is ready to start using the big potty and no longer using a diaper.

However, we may not know which method to use. There are many different ways to go about potty training boys and girls and a lot of it will depend on what your child responds to and what works best for you and your household as well.

This is not uncommon either. We read a lot of different information, plus we all have family and friends that want to tell us how it is or how we should potty train out child because it worked for them.

Though this is very well intentioned advice, it does not mean that it will actually work for you and your child though. Every child is different when it comes to potty training and the method used needs to fit who they are and what they respond to, as well as what motivates them too.

Let's not forget that there are many methods that can be used and some can be used in combination with each other too, depending on what is needed and desired as well. Here you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision about which potty training method to use.

There are plenty of articles here on the different ways that potty training can be handled and how to do it as well. 

Potty Training in One Day

Potty training in one day is a method that is very effective and does work.It was originally created for children with special needs, since it works off the basis of watching your child's facial expressions and movements prior to going potty and then being able to get them to the potty in time.
Potty Training in One Day- What does it mean? Two Simple Concepts for Potty Training in One Day Video Diary - Potty Training in One Day

Dr. Phil's Potty Training

Potty training is an exciting and fun time for your child and you too.Your son or daughter is growing up and learning new things and potty training is one of them.
Dr. Phil's Potty Train Your Child in One Day Dr Phil Potty Training Video How to Potty Train in One Day

Expert Potty Training Methods

There are so many different ways to go about potty training your son or daughter.There is no one method that is better than another though.
Child-Oriented Toilet Training Method Dr Sears Potty Training Tips Dr. Spock's Toilet Training Method

Potty Training Boot Camp

If you have been nervous about starting potty training with your son or daughter and not sure what to do, than you will definitely want to look through this entire section on potty training boot camp.This area is filled with everything you need to know about potty training.
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Baby / Infant Potty Training

You may have heard of baby potty training and are wondering what it is all about too.It is a very intriguing type of potty training, since it means that your baby is actually potty trained and the possibilities really open up at this thought.  It is a method of potty training that does work and very well too.
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Baby Signs Potty Training

This baby potty training method is a revolutionary approach to potty training your child before the age of 2 years.The program suggests that it is easier to.
Baby Potty Training with Sign Language

Other Potty Training Methods

When it comes to potty training, there is so much information out there and things to consider.The biggest consideration is what type of method to use when potty training begins.
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